Why contact Rim Enchères?

Rim Mezghani advises you on the finest strategy to sell your artwork or collection. She puts forward the solution that best suits your artwork. Different options are envisaged by both her ventures:

Rim’s Art
• public sale abroad
• private sale

Rim Enchères
• thematic sales, crossing varied areas around a specific theme.

How to sell at Rim Enchères

Have your item or collection appraised:
- all our estimates are free and confidential: you can send us photos of your works by email or contact us to schedule an appointment and present them to us on site.

Entrust lots for sale

- Rim is available to discuss the matter with you and introduce you to the retail process.
- a mandate specifying the pre-set terms of sale will be handed or sent to you ahead of the sale.


You will be informed about the outcome of the sale. You will then receive payment 35 days after the sale, net of fees as stipulated in your contract and once the payment by the buyer has been executed.