Quadrant d'astrolabe, Ruznama (Almanach),... - Lot 113 - Rim Enchères

Lot 113
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6000 - 8000 EUR
Quadrant d'astrolabe, Ruznama (Almanach),... - Lot 113 - Rim Enchères
Quadrant d'astrolabe, Ruznama (Almanach), sur peau, et un poids Turkey, Ottoman art, 18th and 19th century The quadrant, signed: dâmad (son-in-law of) Mustafa Effendi Zâdeh, Niyazi Effendi, in lacquered wood, written and drawn in red and black, the cavity in brass, has a table of hours, graduations, and an astronomical projection of latitudes and longitudes. The almanac, signed and dated: by al-Sayyed Muhammad As'ad and Muhyi Effendi Zadeh, 1205 AH/1788. Inscribed on a gold sandblasted parchment scroll, lined with leather, decorated with an illuminated pediment, inscribed in black, red and gold ink, several tables of measurements and a text in Ottoman Turkish. The weight in faceted brass, the bulbous body, the point in pyramid, provided with a hook. Qadrant : 13.5 x 15.5 cm ; Ruznama : 57 x 7 cm
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