Rouleau généalogique (silsilename), préparé... - Lot 105 - Rim Enchères

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Rouleau généalogique (silsilename), préparé... - Lot 105 - Rim Enchères
Rouleau généalogique (silsilename), préparé l'année du couronnement du sultan Abdülmecid I (r. 1839-61) Turkey, Ottoman art, dated 1255 H./1839-40 Ottoman Arabic and Turkish manuscript on paper, ink and gold, with circles outlined in gold, containing names and titles of historical figures written in diwani in red, linked together by lines, surrounded by comments in black ink. The scroll begins with Adam, and ends with Sultan Abdülmecid I. Date in the lower left corner. 804 x 27.8 cm. This silsilename includes ancient Iranian and Turkish kings, pre-Islamic Arabs and prophets, the twelve Shi'ite imams, the Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Buyids, the Samanids, the Ghaznavids, the Seljuks, the Khwarezmchahs, the Chingizids and the Ottomans.
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