Double-feuillet consécutif d’un coran jalayiride sur papier

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Double-feuillet consécutif d’un coran jalayiride sur papier
Iraq, 14th century Text: Sura al-Nahl (16), part of v. 20 to half of v. 31. Manuscript in Arabic with 7 ll. The writing style is rayhan. The text is completely provided with diacritical points and vocalized in black. The verses are separated by golden rosettes. The groups of five verses are indicated in the margin by a medallion in the shape of a teardrop bordered by petals, inscribed with the term khams in ornamental kufic script. The ten verses indicated by discs inscribed with the term 'ashr on a green background. The two medallions present in our leaflets differ from each other. The first is circled with petals, then flamed. In the second, the term is inscribed in an eight-pointed star. Text: 23 x 16 cm; Page: 32.5 x 24 cm The ornamental elements found here, particularly the eight-pointed star and the petal motifs, can be traced to a set of manuscripts copied in Baghdad in the years 1320-1330 by the copyist Arghun al-Kamili (one of the six students of Yaqut al-Musta'simi) and the illuminator Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Din al-Naqqash. The copy of the text in our folios diverges from these known copies, particularly in the number of lines on the page, and the illuminations diverge in the choice of pigments. See David James, Manuscripts of the Holy Qur'an from the Mamluk Era, pp.156-160).
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