Double folio d'un coran en coufique

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Double folio d'un coran en coufique
Middle East or North Africa, Abbasid art, 9th century Text: Begins with verse 280 of Sura al-Baqara (2) and ends, without interruption, with verse 13 of Sura al-Imran (3). 16 lines of Qur'anic text, in kufic type B.II (according to the classification of François Déroche), inscribed in brown and red ink on parchment, red dots indicating vocalization, the end of ten verses indicated by a circle (I.A.I) with a letter in its center, giving the number of verses in abjad, and three dots arranged in a triangle (2.1.1), a title line of the sura (Âl-'Imrân), followed by the number of its verses, is written in red ink. Retouching mainly on the lower part of the "flesh side" of the right folio. 13.5 x 19 cm; Text: 9.5 x 15 cm A section of a Qur'an from the same group as ours, showing a similar sura title, vocalization, and writing of the same type, datable to the ninth century, is in the collection of Nasser D. Khalili, see: François Déroche, The Abbasid Tradition, The Nour Foundation in association with Azimuth Editions, Oxford University Press, United States, 1992, cat. 10, pp. 56-57. Our folio has features such as the title, the absence of verse separators, and the centered circle of one letter at the end of each ten verses, which are common to a group of manuscripts that can be dated to the ninth century, and identified as being of academic rather than artistic use. For a discussion of this topic, see: Fraser and Kiwatowski, Ink and Gold, Islamic Calligraphy, Paul Holberton publishing for Sam Fogg, 2006, pp. 34-36. For the classification of the type of writing and of the marks of the divisions of verses, see: François Déroche, op.cit, Oxford University Press, United States, 1992, pp. 21 and 38.
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