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By Ahmad Shams al-Dîn Qara-Hisârî /Ahmed Semseddin Karahisârî, Turkey, Istanbul, circa 16th century Twenty-two lines written in black ink and gold on paper, in nastaʿlīq and one line in naskhi, signature of calligrapher: "kataba-hu Aḥmad qara hisari." Inscribed with a ghazal by ʿImadi Ghaznavi, mounted on an album page with salmon margins decorated in gold with floral scrolls. Page size: 29.5 x 18 cm; Text area size: 17.4 x 8.1 cm. This calligraphic page features a romantic poem by ʿImâdī Ghaznavî, a 12th-century Persian poet. Aḥmad Qara-Hisârî (875-963 AH/1470-1556) was a calligrapher at the Ottoman court in Istanbul. Originally from Iran, he emigrated to Istanbul during the reign of Bayazid II (1447-1512) and remained there until the end of his life. He was the disciple of Asad-Allâh Kirmânî (Essedullah-i Kirmani), a famous Iranian calligrapher living in Istanbul. He is known for his mastery of the seven styles of Islamic calligraphy, especially in the thuluth and naskhi manuscripts; this nastaʿliq page also demonstrates his mastery of this style. See: Muhittin Serin, KARAHISARI, Ahmed Şemseddin, in TDV Islam Ansiklopedisi, available at the link:
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