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IRAN, DATED 1498-99, THE MARGINS OF HERAT OR BOUKHARA IN THE LATE 16th CENTURY Ink, gouache and gold on paper, calligraphic composition mounted on a hardback album page. Persian poetry text in nasta'liq, in reserve in golden clouds framed by floral cartouches with a golden and blue background. In the centre, on two columns, verses of Jami, ghazal. A cartouche at the foot is signed Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi and dated 904H / 1498-99. Around it, six cartouches on a blue background are calligraphed with a ghazal by Hafiz. The whole is framed by inscribed cartouches of a masnawi by Khawaju Kirmani, arranged in one or two lines, with a salmon-coloured inner border, and decorated with floral scrolls in gold. Mounted on an album page with wide green margins decorated in gold with felines hunting gazelles, among dense vegetation. A CALLIGRAPHIC ALBUM PAGE, SIGNED BY SULTAN 'ALI AL-MASHHADI, PERSIA, DATED 1498-99., WITH CENTRAL ASIAN MARGINS, HERAT OR BOKHARA, LATE 16TH CENTURY. Text size: 21,9 x 14,5 cm ; Page size: 43 x 28,3 cm. This album page and the following one most probably come from a muraqqa' album from Herat or Bukhara. A Mughal origin is not excluded either. The artist's signature: 'kataba-hu al-ʿabd Sultân ʿAlî Mashhadī fī shuhâr sana ʾarbaʿ wa tisʿa-mâʾa'. Sultân ʿAlî Mashhadî (841-926 AH / 1435-1520 AD), also known as Sultân al-Khaṭâṭîn, was one of the most influential nastaʿliq calligraphers of the 15th-15th centuries in Iran and Herat of the Timurid period. In his time, no other nastaʿlîq calligrapher was as well known as he was. As soon as the Timurid ruler, Sultân Ḥusayn Bâyqarâ (1438-1506), learned of the fame of his art, he invited him from Mashhad and employed him in the Royal Library of Herat. There he created many works and devoted his whole life to the development of Nastaʿliq calligraphy. He collaborated with the greatest master of Persian miniature, Kamâl al-Dîn Behzâd, at the Royal Library of Herat. For more information on Sultan 'Ali Mashhadî, see: Bayani, Mehdi. Aḥvâl va ʾâthâr-i khushnivîsân-i îrânî, vol.1-2, Tehran: ʿIlmī, 1984, vol I, pp. 241-266. Expert: L.S.
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