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MANUSCRIT AUX CINQ SOURATES PROBABLY CASHMERE, SIGNED, COMMISSIONED AND DATED: MUHAMMAD TAQI FOR HAFIZ 'ATA MUHAMMAD KAHN, 1810-11 Arabic manuscript on card, 19 folios comprising 36 calligraphies in naskh script, 9 lines per page in reserve within golden clouds, on alternating beige and blue grounds. Framed by double coloured floral margins and plain margins of different colours. The text consists of five Surahs from the Qur'an: Ya-Sin (36) (fol. 1v-7v), al-Fatah (the Victory, 48) (fol. 7v-12r), al-Mulk (the Kingship, 67) (fol. 12r-14v), al-Dhar (the Man, 76) (fol. 14v-16v) and the Announcement (78) (fol. 16v-18v). The colophon indicates that the manuscript is copied by Muhammad Taqi for Hafiz 'Ata Muhammad Khan, called the son of the vizier, son of the vizier, and dated Thursday in the month of Dhu'l-Hijja 1225H. (December 1810-January 1811). The original binding is made of painted and lacquered papier-mâché, decorated with floral scrolls and a border of calligraphic cartouches in nasta'liq, dated AH 1225 / AD 1810-11. A FIVE SURA MANUSCRIPT, PROBABLY KASHMIR, SIGNED, COMMISSIONED AND DATED : BY MUHAMMAD TAQI FOR HAFIZ 'ATA MUHAMMAD KHÂN,1810-1810/11. Page size: 28.7 x 19 cm; binding: 30 x 20 cm The patron of the manuscript is 'Ata Muhammad Khan Bamizai, of the powerful Afghan family of Alikozais, who was governor of Kashmir (then a province of Afghanistan) until 1813. He continued to serve his ruler Shah Mahmud Durrânî during his second reign in Kabul until 1818 and followed him to Herat until the latter's death in 1828. 'Ata Muhammad Khan inherited the position from his father, Sher Muhammad Khan Bamizai, who was also governor of Afghanistan before him and died in 1807-8. The latter's father was Bagi Khan, who was appointed prime minister of Ahmad Shah Durrânî with the title of 'Ashraf al-Wuzara', better known as Shah Wali Khan. The latter established Ahmad Shah's authority in Afghan Turkestan and Bamyan in 1751. The parentage of 'Ata Muhammad Khan justifies the title "son of the vizier, son of the vizier (minister)" given in the colophon. See Christine Noëlle, State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan (1826-1863), London and New York, 1997, pp. 4-7. See also C.E. Bosworth, The Islamic Dynasties, Edinburgh University Press, 1967, pp.214-15 for the Durrani dynasty of Afghanistan. Expert: L.S. Numerous wormholes, mainly on the bindings, the upper board gnawed in its upper part, and lower board in the corners, wear, mainly on the margins of the caligraphies. Traces of labels on the upper binding. The date 1225 is scratched on the binding and on the colophon to read 1125.
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