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CAUCASUS, OTTOMAN ART, BY OSMAN, 1280 H./1863-64 Damascus steel blade, gold damascened with a cartouche inscribed with two lines in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish, in naskh, indicating owner, maker and date. Solomon's seal. Handle in marine ivory (Odobenus rosmarus) with ears, decorated with filigree silver and coral cabochons (Corallium rubrum) (NR), fractures. Length: 76 cm. Collection of a Greek officer (pre-1912). Then by descent. 1. Engraved and incomplete inscription near the handle: عمل (made by). 2. Two lines, Arabic and Ottoman: عمل عثمان صاحب و مالک محمد اغا مبارک باد (Made by 'Uthman, his possessor and owner Muhammad Agha, be blessed or Made by 'Uthman Sahib and are owner Muhammad Agha, be blessed) A prayer in Ottoman for the owner: بوبنچاغی قیل مبارک ای کریم لایزال (This knife be blessed ô The Generous Eternal) سنه ۱۲۸۰ : Year 1280 / 1863-1864
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