Plateau de Backgammon (ou Nard) pliable

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6000 - 8000 EUR
Plateau de Backgammon (ou Nard) pliable
Iran, Qajar art, circa 1860 Inscriptions: four hemispheres of a Persian love poem in the form of a qasîdah. Of quadrangular form, in wood with micromosaic decoration (khatamkari) embellished with inlaid ivory elements, in a black paste, each side, decorated with cartouches of Persian poetry in a very fine nast'aliq and rectangular registers bordering a square furnished with concentric hexagons Please note that this lot contains elephant ivory and that according to the European regulation 2021/2280 of December 16, 2021, the export of goods containing this material outside the EU is prohibited, except for a purchase by a cultural or museum institution, for non-commercial purposes. Rim Enchères will be able to deliver to the buyer the intra-community certificate (CIC, K permit) which conditions the sale and the circulation of this good in the European Union. 54 x 21.5 x 11.5 cm Collection of Mirza Abol Ghasem Khan Nasir Ol-Molk II (1852-1924). Then by descent to his great-grandson, France, Haute-Savoie. Similar game boxes, with inscriptions and workmanship of this quality, are extremely rare. Only one other, produced in Tabriz and dated 1248 AH /1832-33, was sold at Sotheby's: London, 09 April 2008, lot 215. A chessboard, also similar, is kept in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul (inv. 2/1377), published in: Béatrix Saule, Marthe Bernus Taylor, Jean-Paul Desroches, Stéphane Yerasimos, TOPKAPI A VERSAILLES. Trésors de la Cour ottomane, Éditions Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Paris, 1999, cat. 213, p. 250. Another game box, without the inscriptions, and without the interior decoration, is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (acc. 935:1-1869). It was exhibited in Paris in 1867, allowing for a possible dating of about 1860.
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