Deux folios consécutifs d’un coran en écriture maghribi sur parchemin

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Deux folios consécutifs d’un coran en écriture maghribi sur parchemin
North Africa or Andalusia, 14th century Text: Sura al-Furqan (25), part of v. 24 - v. 44 (half). Arabic mansucrit, 9 ll. per page, written in black ink tending to brown, very airy text. The writing style is Maghribi with a fine line. The text is completely provided with diacritical points (the qaf indicated by a point above, in accordance with the ancient tradition). The vowels and the alif above marked by modern symbols in red. The hamza indicated by a green dot. The shadda and sukun in blue. The verses are separated by a large space, designed to accommodate an illumination that has not been added. Groups of five verses are indicated by a golden "ha" and groups of ten by a medallion drawn in ink with a golden disc in the center. Ink stains and fungal damage present. Text: 12 x 10 cm; Page: 12.5 x 11.5 cm Other manuscripts, of smaller dimensions, present a writing style with a fine line, as well as a relatively similar vocalic system. See for example the one kept in the David Collection (inv. 32/1974). Another copy, kept in the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, was copied by the Sultan of the Zianid kingdom of Tlemcen, Abu Zayyan II in 801 AH /1398-99 in the imperial city of Tlemcen (Catalogue Exhibition Masahif al-Maghrib, National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat, from 06 to 31 May 2011, Ministry of Culture, p. 36-37).
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