Folio d'un coran en coufique sur vélin

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Folio d'un coran en coufique sur vélin
Middle East, 9th century Text: Surah al-Aḥzāb (33), vv. (part) 43-45. Arabic manuscript, 6ll. in classical kufic script (type close to D.I), some letters, such as the kāf or ṭāʾ, show horizontal elongations (mashq). Oxidized black metal-gallic ink, now sepia-colored. Rare diacritical marks, dotted vocalization in red, verses separated by rosettes in gold leaf with green ink at the heart. Damaged in the margins and stained (wetness). Text: 11.5 x 16.5 cm; Page: 18 x 26 cm This folio belongs to the same copy as the fragment in BnF Arabe 346c (Déroche, notice 66). The latter consists of seven folios, acquired by Jean-Louis Asselin de Cherville (d. 1822) in Egypt, which came from the Qur'anic library of the Great Mosque of ʿAmr b. al-ʿAs in Fustat (Old Cairo). The folios are in fact consecutive: the text of f.744 includes sura 33, verses 43-45 up to the term "arsalna," ended by an alif. The text continues in f.42 of Arabic 346c with the affixed pronoun - "ka". (Déroche, François. Catalog of Arabic Manuscripts. Second part: Muslim Manuscripts, Volume I, 1. At the origins of the Koranic calligraphy, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, 1983, notice 66, p.86). In addition to the early damage that is common to all of the folios, particularly to the lower outer corner, the folio presented here has obviously suffered additional damage (wetness, traces of adhesive related to a frame are visible on the front, upper margin).
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