Bol (Tâs) avec son couvercle en tombak

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8000 - 10000 EUR
Bol (Tâs) avec son couvercle en tombak
Dedicated to Sâhib 'Ali Oghl(uyî?), Turkey, Ottoman art, dated 1766-67 Of cylindrical form, resting on an annular base, the slightly domed lid, made of mercury-gilded copper (tombak), the body girdled with a quatrain engraved in osmali, the lid engraved with a tughra of the possessor and a date: Sahibihi 'Ali Ahmedî, 1180 AH/1766-67. H. 11.5 cm, diameter 10.5 cm Inscription: Quatrain (rubâï) in Ottoman Turkish, consisting of four bands of poetry, engraved in naskhi: asking forgiveness for the owner of the bowl, and blessing for the one who drinks the water; and asking to praise Hussayn and Hasan, grandsons of the Prophet of Islam.
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