Livre de prières enluminé et illustré (Du’a Kitabi)

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Livre de prières enluminé et illustré (Du’a Kitabi)
Signed by Mustafâ Hilmî and his master Hâj Muhammad al-Wasfî, Turkey, Ottoman art, 1871-72 Ottoman Arabic and Turkish manuscript on paper, 125 folios, including 8 blank folios with margins, plus a single and two decorated light blue loose leaves. Each folio with 9 lines of black and red keywords in naskhi script in gold, black and red ornate panels, with gold verse markers. Titles inscribed in red or black with gold cartouches, and an illuminated marginal medallion at the end of sura al-Nas in folio 24v. Frontispiece and following bifolio illuminated with gold and polychrome "caps". Colophon signed and dated on folio 85r: Harrar-hu al-faqîr al-Mustafâ Hilmî wa ustâdha-hu al-Hâj Muhammad al-Wasfî ghafar Allah la-hu wa li-man nazara fî-hu amîn sanah 1288 lâm 29. Manuscript size: 18.5 x 12.5 cm; written surface size: 11.5 x 6 cm A manuscript of the same type and by the same calligrapher was sold at Christie's, Art of the Islamic World, London, 20 October 2016, lot 184. This text opens with a prayer, followed by Qur'anic verses and prayers in Arabic and Ottoman Turkish. This is followed, from leaves 30r to 51r, by calligraphic diagrams of the Name of the Great Sacred Seal (muhr-i kabir-i Sharif), the Name of God, the Prophet, the Hilyah of the Adam, Noah, the Prophet of Islam, the Four Caliphs, Hassan and Husayn, the Name of the Four Caliphs, the names of the chosen companions and Hasan and Husayn, the names of the companions of the cave (the seven sleepers of Ephesus) and their dog, four Quranic and prayer seals, the seal of prophethood (muhr-i nubuwwat), the great seal of Solomon, the second great sacred seal, the Hand of the Prophet (panjah in 51v), the Dhu al-Fiqar of Ali in 52r, the Footprint of the Prophet in 52v (qadam), the Sandal of the Prophet in 53r (na'layn), the shape of the letter 'Ayn in 53v, the Staff of Moses in 54r, the Axe of the Prophet in 54v, the Flower in 55r, the Standard of the Prophet in 55v (livâ), the relics of the Prophet in 56r (hirqah), the Glorious Station in 56v (maqâm mahmûd), a table in 57r , and ends with two pages of Banners in 57v and 58r. Other prayers include those for wealth, gratitude and blessings, and the prayers for the end of the recitation of the Qur'an, the New Year and Ramadan.
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