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SIGNED BY MÎR ʿALI (951 H/1544-1545), HERAT OR BUDKHARA, 16th CENTURY Black, polychrome and gold ink on paper, 19 lines written in nastaʿliq, inscribed in cartouches, on an illuminated background, and speckled with gold, the artist's signature: 'mashaqa-hu al-ʿabd al-faqīr Mīr ʿAlī', in the lower cartouche, below the text. AN ALBUM PAGE: CALLIGRAPHY BY MIR 'ALI, HERAT OR BOKHARA,16TH CENTURY. Dim. page: 43 x 31.8 cm. ; Dim. text area: 33 x 20.5 cm. Known as the calligrapher of the Sultans, Mîr ʿAlî Hiravi was one of the best calligraphers of the Timurid period living in Herat and working in the royal libraries of many governors. He moved in 935 AH, 1528-1529 to Bukhara, forced by Ubaydullah Khan (Shaybanid king). He died in this city 16 years later. A mufradât, means singular in the Arabic language. It is a calligraphic term in which the letters of the alphabet are written alone or in combination with other letters. The mufradât was produced to represent the calligraphy and skills of calligraphers or to provide calligraphy models for beginning students. For more information on Mîr 'Ali, see : Bayani, Mehdi. Aḥvâl va ʾâthâr-i khushnivîsân-i îrānî, vol.1-2, Tehran: ʿIlmī, 1984, pp. 493-516.
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