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EGYPT, MAMELUK AND OTTOMAN ART, 15th-17th CENTURIES Eight rectangular panels of different periods, made of wood inlaid with ivory and bone strips, with champlevé decoration of scrolls of palmettes and arabesques. Double border of ivory and bone with engraved decoration of stylized leaves. Grooved rims. Ten small ivory and bone chopsticks, engraved with stylized leaves, are attached, some with heavy wear and tear. EIGHT WOODEN PANELS, EGYPT, MAMLUK AND OTTOMAN, 15TH-17TH CENTURIES. Size : 9,7 x 21,5 cm. (2) ; 10 x 25,5 cm. (4) ; 13 x 19,5 cm. and 13,5 x 25,5 cm. approx. These wooden door or furniture assembly elements have a groove in the thickness to insert them in a structure. This assembly technique was very common in Egypt during the Mamluk period. The buildings of this period suffered much damage over the centuries, and required subsequent restoration and replacement under the Ottomans. The decoration of the ivory rods is similar to those of Mamluk panels in the Louvre Museum, Paris (inv. no. HI 5, Élise Anglade, Catalogue des boiseries de la section islamique, Paris, 1988, fig.53c, p. 97). Expert : L.S.
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